The Best Mosquito Trap

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Eliminate mosquitoes small coup

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Power Saving
Electronic mosquito killer brand
Light Trap
Electronic mosquito killer brand
Eliminate mosquitoes small coup

Various ways to charge it

Versatile & Portable

Car Charger
Power Bank
natural mosquito killer

Lower than 20 decibel

Don’t worry about your sleep

10 times more silent than other mosquito traps.

Decibel (loudness) Comparison Chart


Other mosquito trap

Other insect trap
Mosquito killer

Speed of Catching

Special material on CCFL light tube could interact with light and release tiny carbon dioxide, increasing the speed of killing mosquito.

10 times faster

Speed of Catching

Speed of Catching

Other mosquito trap

Manual catch

Other insect trap
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Trap lamp price

One Touch

One tap and enjoy the magic

MBOX mosquito trap, a Maestro at work

Master of catching mosquito

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MBOX mosquito trap.

No Sound, No Radiation, No Screws.

Just Turn

Easy to use, easy to clean.

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One Touch to Activate
Black Ceramic
Sound Suppression
Ease of cleaning
Mirror design to trap mosquito
Innovative mosquito attractor
special UVA+ light CCFL tube with attractive design
Inhalant design
Escape Prevention Device
Dead mosquito’s


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I choose MBOX, I like it.

Pioneer of mosquito trapper

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