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Good catch mosquitoes lamp 10

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By THP में 2019/05/19 07:54:39

Great insect catcher. Quiet and works continuously.

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By Roy में 2019/05/16 08:21:33

caught hundreds of mosquitoes

By Jennifer.Smith में 2019/05/15 20:17:34

Great little compact design works good for indoor use.

By Paktri Hernandez में 2019/05/12 21:16:48

I've only had it two days so I can't speak to the longevity, but this thing works great for me.It was many mosquitos in my one bedroom apartment, couldn't find the source other than they must be following me in from the light outside the door. Problem wasn't going away so after a couple weeks, I bought this. Got home and put it in my bathroom, haven't seen another mosquito since then, besides the ones in this trap. Caught a handful in the first few hours, and a few more that night. The fan is farely quiet, not a factor as I leave it in dark rooms I'm not in.

By Gonzalo में 2018/05/10 20:38:57

A++ product

By Dean.Lopez में 2018/05/08 08:08:37

I use this to kill mosquitos (mozzies) mostly in my garage which a few mozzies get into from time to time. It captures several every week and since the garage doesn't have moths it does not fill up. I empty it mostly to see how many mozzies it killed. It keeps them out of the cars and from entering the house. It kills 90 % mozzies.Also used it inside the house after we had some windows replaced. Mozzies got in while the windows were out and the thing caught about 8 mozzies over the course of a couple days inside a medium - large sized house.

By Guitom Fanci में 2018/05/07 21:30:10

This thing has been amazing and worked beyond my expectations! The mosquitos have been so bad and pestilent, but it's as if this the MBOX just magically sucks them up and the population has dwindled significantly to the point that we rarely even see a mosquito flying around. However, there's a new mountain of mosquito carcasses in the trap every couple of days or so. My husband and I have been super happy with this product and continue to recommended it to friends and family!

By Hellen.yujlo में 2017/09/06 21:18:43

Excellent insect trap. Prior to this, I was using Citronella candles and Bugmats, which did nothing. While two Citronella candles were burning at my feet, mosquitoes were dining on my leg! The Mbox is well made and completely effective. The population of mosquitoes inside my house are at an all-time low, and the nights are very quiet, with no exasperating buzzing sounds. When this one outlives its life span, I'll be getting three for other room.

By Ramoo Cotovow में 2017/08/05 19:57:32

I bought this product for a fruit fly problem, a problem that has almost been eradicated due to this item, the item comes well packaged and couldn't be any easier to set up, the product in question gives of no odor and runs at nearly inaudible volume, after the first day of use upon inspection, there were more fruit flies than I could or would care to count in the lower unit, I am very pleased with my purchased, and would recommend this product to any one having pesky insect issues in their home.

By Ruby Thompson में 2019/05/02 08:17:31

I have tried quite a few of these traps and this one works great! I check the box every week or so and it usually has one or two dried up mosquitoes. Bi-weekly cleaning is necessary as the net gets clogged up by accumulated dust — cleaning the basket is much easier than cleaning the inside which doesn't have room for entry. It is also prone to letting the captured insects escape in case the electricity goes off or the basket falls from its place.