About MBOX

The MBOX user various ways to lure and trap various biting insects.

With the functional and elegant design (mosquitoes are attracted to black)

itcan easily blend in with your furniture and create a mosquito free environment.

The MBOX user a Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamp (CCFL) to irradiate a

TItantium Dioxide coated surface to CO2 and H2O to lure infemale mosquitoes

and other insects like midges. While generating the CO2 and H2O,

the CCFL also generates heat to simulate the human body and emits

the light at oscillating frequencies to coincide with spectral sensitivy peaks for

many mosquito species to lure them in.

With all the technology packed into a tiny and elegant box,

QM wants to give people a user-frieddly and easy to

use product to protect their family from biting insects like mosquitoes

and prevent any diseases being caught.

Our Story

We strive to improve your quality of life by providing innovative products.

From Design to Production, we select the best materials and combine it to

give you the most effective and innovative solutions. With only a nice shape

we will not be able to create a change. This is why functionality is important:

a product should offer a solution to a problem. On top of that it should be

user friendly and easy to use. Furthermore QM pays close attention to the

cost: it must be affordable for the customer to buy the product. Everything

combined: QM provides refined, functional, affordable and next generation

experience products for its end users.

Our Vision

In the future we want to get at least one of our products into every household globally,

from the household in Hong Kong to the most remote one in Botswana.

This is a very ambitious vision, which influences everything we do,

from design up to production and sales.

Our Culture

Innovative, Open-minded and Equality

Openness and flexibility are prevailing themes at our offices. We have adapted the open work space concept,

as this promotes easy communication and collaboration among our employees.

Our offices are very open, with no separate “manager” office. In addition,

everyone is free to sit wherever they please, improving internal communications.

However employees that do seek privacy are given options to do so.

There is no strict hierarchy,everyone is encouraged to bring up new ideas,

which are often also implemented.

Managers are not there to control but rather to encourage innovation,

teamwork and independent thinking.

This leads to a very dedicated team. We often do not refer to QM as

a company, but rather as a close family.