What kind of good mosquito lamp

Weight and dimensions

height : 87cm

width : 44cm

diameter : 15cm

weight : 6.84cm

Home mosquito lamp


Solar panel:

monocrystalline silicon


Light power:

3W fluorescent tube

Light source:

ultraviolet lamp, peak wave length 365nm

Tube life span:

3000-6000 hours


DC 9V~

Control area:

100——400 square meter

Working temperature:

-30C -- +60C

Storage battery:



9V 1.5A

Continuously working days:

7/24 HOURS

Charging time:

8-10 HOURS

packing list

Mosquito / power adapter / pull the explosion of screws

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Auxiliary list

Solar panels / cages / mobile power

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stainless steel cage
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